hey folks everyone hey mommy daddy sisters a brother a friend hey students I love you all hey bloody worm hello to all of you I send you all my best regards before I start I want you please to subscribe to my channel help me please to reach 1000 subscribers so I can be part of the YouTube Partner Program my channels know my channel’s monetization page is still disabled and I can’t fix this problem unless I meet the policies of monetization activation requirements so this is a brief lecture on how to write a research proposal you know don’t worry guys please I’m here to help you with your research proposal I know what you’re going through now it sucks I know all of that I’ve gone through the same stuff I know you were having trouble understanding where are the steps you should take and where are the guidelines you should used to follow a lot of questions rolling in your head I know I know I can imagine the pain you know the complaints you have to worry your teacher but but hey wait a second I don’t think it’s always a good idea to blame teachers for something they have nothing to do it I guess it’s better to stop complaining and get the work done all you need now is to make some research and dig deeper and know how to do it the DIY so stop being lazy and start off the engine and get the ball rolling it’s time to grow up and stop being a teenager so first I want you to know that this is just an example a sample to show you how to write a nice short RP generally our P’s should not go beyond 5 pages so it’s better to keep it short but substantial mine is around 11 pages but it’s okay it at the end of the day it depends on your freediving if I may say how lengthy can you be and it also depends on the topic you’re working on whether it’s more or less demanding so before I begin I’d like to say that this RP I’m presenting here is humble in other words it’s written with the in simple English the expressions use are not tough I mean this style is kind of shallow you know my teacher gave me 13 on a scale of 20 not bad but I know that I could have done better we were kind of given a deadline and I didn’t work on my RP into later that’s why the work is kind of shallow to me but to you I don’t know so my research proposal is broken to four chapters and each chapter includes subtitles it actually depends on you you can add more than four or five chapters so background rationale and objectives and significance of the project second chapter a literature review definition translation history of translation theories of translation research questions okay and methodology which is the last chapter on citations you know references you know APA style so-so okay chapter 1 introduction okay introduction talks about the background the background is the framework or the structure that supports the theory of your research study it introduces and describes this theory that explains why the research problem why the researcher problem exists it in the introduction you can first begin with the general introduction as I did myself in my RP but this depends on the top of your choosing okay for instance the topic I’m dealing with here is medicine or more specifically nutrition so I began first by giving an introduction about how the world has become so interconnected blah blah blah you give some examples of how your topic is of high relevance a blah blah blah how much it’s important you elaborate on that by giving arguments blah blah blah and you move to rationale rationale is the purpose of the study or if you want a hypothetical idea that aims to discover answers to questions the researcher seeks to understand more about the significance of the study to extend knowledge to shed light in hidden facts to verify and test the system facts to find a solution to a problem as Huijin said all progress is born of inquiry doubt is often better than overconfidence for it leads to inquiry and inquiry leads to invention in other words as how to put it it indicates the goal of the study describe the direction of inquiry the first one okay on the second one now okay as for the objectives you know you know these all related to the rationale you know objective and significance of the research project is also related to the the rationale I mean it’s about the new things you’re going to bring to the area of your research you know what are the contributions etc so now let’s move to a literature review okay literature review describes the collective body of scholarly work related to your topic it is therefore an articulate summary of the most important and sealing aspects related to your research project it’s it is an evaluative report of information found in the literature in the literature related to the selected area of your study okay and then research questions okay this is also this is related to literature review and he searched translations here is a translation let me scroll down a little bit okay scrolling down scrolling down research questions okay perfect research question implies a quest for something a search an active pursuit it implies investigation weighing evidence it is a statement of the disparity between of what is known and needs to be known as Howser said and you know last chapter in theology which is the specific procedures or techniques used to identifier select process and analyze information about a topic and that’s it and that’s it I think I guess we’re done here so I think the best piece of advice I can give you in a nutshell is to bear in mind what we call the four piece person preparedness project in place you should take into consideration of these four piece and you should remember you are the one who can make this happen you are the one expected to provide a good work well refined and polished so don’t disappoint yourself and don’t disappoint your supervisor so what you need is to get prepared and read a lot and take notes work hard on your product make your product bleed and bleed and bleed and the place you know the environment find yourself a column cozy place where you feel motivated energized inspired remember spot is key element to the success of your RP surround yourself with good things and inspiring things motivational things and get the work done now so what are you waiting for come on go ahead and choose a topical like a field you’re passionate about and that’s it so bye bye guys I think I’ve done a great job here teaching or something that might probably help you in your research product and thank you for watching for listening for subscribing and for liking if you have any like comments or criticism just please don’t hesitate to leave that into the section below thank you very much for your attention

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